• 3 great opportunities for theater lovers

    Posted on March 25, 2014 by Jasmine Barta in Reviews.

    Improvisation classes at The Torch Theatre:

    Have you always wanted to try acting lessons? The Torch offers a variety of improv classes taught by professionals who “have studied and performed with masters of longform improvisation all over the country.” And the theater is excited to be training a “community of funny, passionate and interesting players right here in Phoenix, Ariz.”

    Classes include drop-in improv classes as well as master and ensemble classes. Some classes are free, others are only $10 and some go up to $195. A list of classes and registration information can be found at the Torch Theatre site.

    Playwriting Workshops at Space 55:

    On the third Sunday of each month, Space 55 holds a workshop where local playwrights can have their work read and receive feedback from an audience. The workshop is meant to help support and improve local writers with real, constructive advice.

    There are also a few performance opportunities for those who aren’t writers. There are multiple regular shows that accept new talent and encourage original performances.

    Information on both opportunities can be found at the Space 55 website.

    New York City or London with Arizona Theatre Company:

    Not an actor or a writer but still love everything about theater? You can join Arizona Theatre Company on a trip to see a Broadway musical in New York or hop a plane to London and see four productions while traveling abroad and sightseeing. Both trips have a fun and extensive itinerary.

    More information can be requested here.

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